Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stolen moments

I’ve put the coffee on. Can you hear it gurgling in the kitchen, smell its perfume? I think there’s some bacon in here somewhere at the back of the fridge. Yes, found it! 

I rummage under the cabinet for my favorite cast iron skillet and set it on the glowing eye at the back of the stove where the cats dare not go. Soon your mouth will be watering and you’ll wake to the soft glow of sunrise slanting through the venetian blinds.

I know it’s hard to climb from between those crisp white sheets. There’s nothing like lingering there, breathing the aroma of morning and listening to the sounds of  someone puttering with pots in a room down the hall. It feels like childhood, waiting for that call that it’s time to get up and get ready for school.

But school’s out, my love. We are free to explore this great, wide world and this vast inner one to our heart’s content. Isn’t it exciting? And we can do it together! Oh what wonders we will see, what mysteries we will experience. Are you packed? We have quite an adventure ahead of us and who knows where it will lead.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be back here, perched on the brink of discovery. When I disappeared oh so many years ago, I didn’t even quite realize I had gone. I don’t now know where I had been. But now … now that I’m back … it all seems so obvious. I was lost to the world, to myself.
And I am back.

Don’t tell me there isn’t magic in this world. There’s so much fucking magic we should be tripping all over it every morning on the way to the bathroom. What’s really puzzling is how we fail to see it much of the time. God knows how we could go years, even decades, and look right past it or brush it off us like some annoying mosquito.

Then a single, simple act. A few words. A tiny transmission. And the world shakes you awake. Eyes fly open, hearts fly open, souls do a naked dance of elation. 

Good God, child. Where have you been??????

Welcome home!

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